pyNS: Neuroscout API client documentation

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pyNS is the Python client for the Neuroscout API, allowing users to programmatically query and interactive with the Neuroscout database. This allows users to create analyses, query for analyses, and download analysis results.

pyNS provides a number of high-level functions for common tasks (that would typically require multiple API calls), such as creating and registering analyses, and fetching predictor and imaging data directly.

Advanced use cases include: batch-creation of analyses (e.g. for meta-analysis) and the creation of custom analysis pipelines.

pyNS mirrors the official Neuroscout API with a Pythonic interface. Note that the best reference for the API is the official API docs

See the Installation and Quickstart sections to get started.


If you’re just starting out with Neuroscout, take a look at the main website (, and the accompanying documentation.